The Mad Cow Disease and FTA

The Mad Cow Disease, which has swept the world, not for its high rate of infection but for the fact that it has no cures and no possibility of a near-future invention of a remedy, has struck especially hard in South Korea, after its new government has decided to import cows older than 36 months from the U.S.

Some time after my graduation (In South Korea the second semester ends in December) and before I my flight to Pomona, the FTA between U.S and Korea was signed along with an agreement about importing from the U.S, cows that are over 36 months from its birth.

Well, I don’t know how this is perceived in the U.S, but back in Korea, it was a big deal, and many people lost faith in the government, and there were an increasing number of public unease until it came to an open protest in Korea. Here is a video to give you an idea how huge the protest was. This is still going on back in Korea, and it is simply impossible to predict the outcome!


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