Platonic Love

The title of this blog simply embarrasses me. Platonic love! Who talks about that anymore? Well, I still think about it. I’m sure most people who read this will simply say, “How pathetic is this guy!” Well, regardless, I would like to believe it exists, especially because we are living in an era where all our lives are dominated by materialistic perspectives and everyday struggles to simply make a living to pursue another struggling day of life.

What is platonic love? To cite Wikipedia, platonic love  is a deep and spiritual connection between two individuals: within such a relationship there does not exist any form of sexual connection or sexual elements. Can this really exist in this era? A love between two people that is purely based upon emotional and spiritual connections?

Well I couldn’t answer to that. Even though I wish to believe such idealistic view, as a person suffering from a bipolar disorder ever since he was in middle school, I seem to conclude that there isn’t such a thing anymore. Well, here is a website that tries to describe in detail. Although I couldn’t come up with a conclusion after reading it, I believe it would help a lot of people to grasp a clearer idea of what it is and whether it exists.

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