Facebook is a most interesting online social networking website. Back in South Korea, we have something called Cyworld, which was basically the equivalent of Facebook. The interesting difference between how the two population feel about such websites is that Americans seem to be a lot more concerned about what kind of their private information is presented on Facebook.

For instance, back in South Korea, a number of people would write their phone numbers on their status quo, which is basically visible to everyone. However, according to what I’ve learned from some of my friends here, people not only cared about what information is accessible by strangers but also about which of their friends can view certain information about them.

It was really strange to me, for I couldn’t care less about who can see certain info about myself and who cannot. The thing is that to strangers, you are another random person among millions who’s got a facebook page on the internet. Therefore strangers simply cannot care less about you. To even worry over such factors just seems so random to me.

As for your friends, I can see why you might want to limit certain information from a certain group. However, there are already enough tools on facebook to alter such infos. Therefore, I think there is really no need to worry about certain factors.

Another thing is that people actually use facebook to create a positive image to gain advantage when they apply to colleges or jobs. Back in Korea, such personal space is rarely used in determining such important career decisions, but it seems that in the U.S, employers or college admissions staffs seem to take a look at all information they could get about the applicants.

It is remarkable how important facebook has become in the U.S. Its popularity is still growing at a fast rate, and as facebook evolves, we’ll have to see how people’s perception about facebook changes as time goes on.

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