Electronic Music over the 80’s Music

Electronic music is an emerging, actually, nowadays, a dominant form of music. However, sadly, in South Korea, electronic music has been used to change the 80’s songs to fit the public taste of today.

Well, you might see such movement, at this point in the blog, as a positive trend, but it’s a dead end for the music industry. The 80’s music were a lot simpler, musically, than modern music, such as post-rock, indie rock, etc. Therefore, merely dubbing the midi files from the 80’s with electronic sound will eventually lead the music scene to die.

What happens at the very dead end of such kind of music, is a song just being composed of three chords, with only changing rhythmic meters and electronic sound sets. As a musician, such a trend just grieves me.

Even during the early 2000’s, the music scene wasn’t so terrible as it is now. I was playing in the indie music scene, performing at least once a month, and there were bands who actually had an artistic vision as opposed to the corporate puppets that dominate South Korean music industry now.

I truly weep for the future of Korean pop music. That is really all I have to say, because I simply do not see it getting better any time soon. Here is a link to one of those terrible songs.


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