First, before I say anything, I’m just a heavy smoker and this might be heavily biased. I’d love to justify smoking, but I know so well that smoking is terrible for you. However back in the good old days there was a justification of smoking cigarettes.

WARNING: This video is a complete lie, and although I smoke, smoking is TERRIBLE FOR YOU. Don’t smoke, even if you really want to. This is an advice from a heavy smoker, who is sadly, me.


One response to “Cigarettes

  1. not being a smoker, i dont really understand smoking. i know it calms you down and you get a buzz, but couldnt you get the same feeling with pot or another drug without the addicting side effects? being a heavy smoker, what prevents you from curbing your habit, especially because you know so much about its dangers? forgive me for asking, but it doesnt really make sense to me.