School These Days

As of right now, I am procrastinating a lot.   I have two big things due at 5 PM today, one of which is the project for this class and the other is a paper.   While I was writing my paper, I was just thinking to myself about how much easier is must be to write a paper today, as opposed to pre-internet times.   I can’t really imagine going to the library and reading a lot of books hoping to find somethign.   The internet makes things so much easier through searching.   Not only can I find articles online from magazines and newspapers, I can also search for material within some books that have been printed online.   How cool is that?   Very cool, as I am sure you all know.   The other really cool thing that I like to use a lot is my graphing calculator.   Math has just got to be a lot faster with graphing calcultors.   How would you like to have to look up trigonometric ratios in a book instead of being able to punch it into your calculator?   It would not be very fun.   Anyways, I suppose I should actually return to writing my paper since it is a little more pressing than blog posts.   Also, the title of this post is a song from the show Summer Heights High.   It is a fairly excellent show, that I would recommend watching.

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