North Korea – Nuclear Weapon Threats

When I was still in high school back in South Korea, the whole country was in fear of a possible threat of second Korean War. I too was swept by the fear that was generally present in the country.

One day in 2006, on the national news, It was broadcasted that North Korea was conducting a nuclear bomb experiment. I was merely a sophomore in high school, and such news just overwhelmed me. In fact, all of the students in my school were terrified, and all the classes were nearly canceled because of the public unease. I’m pretty sure that the teachers were also shook by the news.

Eventually, and thank GOD, such rumors remained rumors. However, it reminded me that the Korean War was indeed only at a subtle truce, which could be easily broken up by one simple news.

To find more about the background about this dreadful story, check out this website:

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