Final Proyecto

Here is our final project. ┬áNicola and I made a sophie project discussing how copyright laws affect creativity. In it we explore various ways that the law hinders musicians. We come to the general conclusion that, based on the opinions of mash-up artists and DJ’s, intellectual property is too strictly regulated. Alternatives to the law as we know it today are difficult to come by, let alone hypothesize. But, it is awful to think that artists are intellectually and creatively hampered. What does that say about the future of music?

3 responses to “Final Proyecto

  1. Completely awesome. One note: when I opened the file, I got a little Sophie message saying “Font not found: Haettenschweiler”. Everything looks right so far, though…

  2. Oops — spoke a bit too soon. The two links on page 12 are both broken (there’s a space at the end of each URL that’s preventing them from being read properly). Want to fix those?

    Also, I think the text in the “Fair Use” block on 13 may not be fully visible — “meant to make copyright less –” ? And some of the quotes on page 15 seem to get cut off, too…

  3. Sorry about that, we made those changes and the revised version is at the same address.