The Past and Now

I still have a strong connection to my community at home and to my old high school (which is in my community). I am always looking for new stuff about my high school on the web to see what is improving, who is going to college, emailing teachers about what is like within the school. It is a home for me till this day. I was constantly looking for new stuff about the high school that I never took time to look at the past and compare it to now. I was on Google and came across this video. I was a sophomore when this was made. This video is about the art program that was brought to our school through another program called reach-out for at risk youth. This program has really made a difference with the students and has made a difference on how they treat the school. Our school use to be trashed all the time. Once this program came along, people stopped and thought twice about writing on the walls because it was their paintings throughout the hallways. It got many of the students involved and gave them a different way to look at school, self expression, and life.

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