Swine Flu!

So, my radio alarm is set to the local news station, and this morning I woke up to the exciting news that many people think the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico may be the work of eco-terrorists. And, hot on the heels of that terrifying thought is the fact that Twitter seems to be at least partially responsible for the growing fears over this “epidemic” (judge for yourself whether those quotation marks are deserved). Here’s the article I’m referring to. Apparently there’s been an influx of false rumors, hearsay, and all the other good stuff that a program like Twitter allows to become widespread. But, in Twitter’s defense, I have to question whether people wouldn’t be freaked out if it didn’t exist–a program like this is more of a reflection of public opinion than a creator of it (although it does have the ability to spread rumors much farther than their usual circulation). Just think of the uproar over SARS

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