Private Uses of Cyberspace

I never thought about women being the higher influence in writing fiction and the use of cyberspace for private space. Before reading the rest of the article, I tried to think about why that us. I would guess it would be because women felt intimidated and marginalized. It was the only space where they can be whoever they want to be and not be characterized, judged, or stereotyped. I find these reasons also true for others who choose to express themselves through cyberspace.

                      While reading, I really started to take into consideration the hidden passion that women do not show in the real world. This is the reason why they turn to the internet. They did not feel condoned to share their passions for the opposite sex or anything else that seemed private to the public. I think that it is sad that even though women have found another venue to express them, they still choose to suppress what they feel in reality and put it all into writing and into the virtual world. Why does it have to be that way?

                      Even though this article had a focus about women using fan culture as a venue to express themselves and form relationships, I think that this is also true for the opposite sex. In my opinion, the male sex seems to be shyer than the female sex. I would find that in the present they are the ones using the virtual world or the internet as a way to establish relationships (friendship or other). Also, when analyzing this information we have to take into consideration the age groups we are looking at.

                      I do not agree with the idea that women should only turn to the internet and writings to uncensor themselves, but I do agree with finding a way where you can feel comfortable letting go and sharing what is inside of you.

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