Project 4: Sophie

For your fourth project, I’m going to ask each of you to work independently to create a multimedia book project using Sophie. (You can download the software here.)

I’ll walk you through the basics of Sophie today, making sure that you get the software downloaded and installed, that you can access the documentation and tutorials that are available, and that you’ve seen a few examples of what Sophie can do.

And then I’m going to turn you loose to experiment. For this project, I want you to take any of the texts that we’ve read together for this class and turn it into a well-designed, readable, interactive Sophie book. Which text you choose, and how you design the project, is entirely up to you. You may include work that you’ve created — whether your own writing, audio, or video — in the project as you see fit. The way you edit and design the book should work with the content of the text you select to elaborate and expand upon its meaning.

You should place your Sophie book project in your MyWebs space, and link to it in a blog post, by the end of lab next week (April 17). You’ll have a bit of time to finish the project during that lab, but you’ll want to reserve time to start thinking about your final project as well, so plan accordingly!

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