Back to the Future 2

Just an observation:

I was watching Back to the Future II the other day, and realized that was not high presence of computer-related things in the movie.   For those of you who are not familiar with the Back to the Future trilogy, the majority of the story in Back to the Future II takes place in 2015.   The film was released in 1989, which to me seems like a year far enough into the age of computers that computers would seem to be extremely relavant to the future.   However, instead of focusing on computer technology, the film depicts 2015 as a place with your typical space-like cars, ridiculous styles (more ridiculous than any style we’ve ever seen), and the hover board.   I think this depiction of the future is very different than the 2015 that we are going to experience.   Their was an appearance of an old Apple Macintosh in an antique store; however, I was just disappointed by the technology that the movie predicted, especially since computer were and are so innovational.   I guess that Back to the Future really isn’t a serious movie at all though, so perhaps they were just going for a completely outrageous future.

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