Oregon Trail

I just spent over an hour play and beating it (barely!). There are also hundreds of other games on that site too. Use the alphabetical listing at the top of the page. Enjoy:


I’ve always heard people take about Oregon Trail, but I’d never actually played it. It was a pretty interesting experience to be able to got back and simulate my childhood that wasn’t. Professor Fitzpatrick and my Art History professor have both talked about how a general feature of technology and the software developed for it is that we generally reach a point where old programs don’t work any more (as we began to see with Afternoon).

As this site demonstrates, I don’t think this notion is entirely true. Yes, I may not be able to run older software on my computer, but that isn’t to say that the software is no longer accessible. As long as the original data exists in some form, then I see no reason why an emulator like the one in this site or other tools that help provide access can’t be developed. The software certainly becomes less accessible, but I would hesitate about saying we necessarily lose complete access to it.

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