Podcast: Audio Advertising Today

Bianca & I decided to make our podcast about audio advertising today, comparing it to ads in the past. We looked at patterns and decided to focus on three differences.  Ads today, we said, incorporate more urgent tones, sexualized themes, and attempt to incorporate people of color, but they do it by falling into the stereotypes of the different races depicted.  

Writing the script for our podcast was easy enough, but actually making the podcast wasn’t quite a breeze. Twice, we recorded the clips from commercials on our accounts through Pomona’s server and the next time we logged on, the clips weren’t there. However, we did become fairly well versed in the basics of Audacity, having to re-record several times… It was fun to combine our script with clips of actual ads, so as to demonstrate exactly what we were talking about. It was also interesting to hear our voices play back to us. The first time we heard ourselves, it sounded weird. We worked to make our voices sound discernible  and enthusiastic, something I didn’t realize we would have to focus on so much. All of our clips are from YouTube.

Bianca and Lauri’s Podcast

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