Cyber Rape….

What is cyber rape? Could it even exist in reality? Personally, I think it’s just a fabrication of people who were offended on the internet.   I mean, let’s just take a look at what rape is. The definition of rape is a forced a sexual intercourse, sometimed referred to as sexual assault. It is one of the most intrusive and offending action that a person can do to another. However, it necessarily involved physical contact for something to be called rape.

Of course, I’m not saying that rape is merely a offensive physical contact. It  involves a severe mental damage, and the psychological aspect of it is definitely a crucial part of what rape is. Nevertheless, (perhaps because I grew up with internet where all kinds of slangs were abused under anonymity,) without any sort of physical contact or real-life confrontation, I certainly do not think anything can be called a rape.

I can see why people might respond seriously to a lot of insults via messangers, blogs, or internet in general, but if you  understand the premise that everyone becomes extremely irrisponsible when they’re anonymous, you can kind of distinguished the online world from the real physical world that we live in. Although the lyricist for the Grateful Dead said online world is where we escape our physical limits to a complete and pure interaction of minds, it entailded anonymity. Then, anonymity obviousely brought about irresponsibility. I understand that such progress wasn’t so clear at the beginning stage of the internet, but now, as we are well  learned about  the evolution of the internet, it seems pretty clear that people will abuse materials and insult others under the mighty shield of anonimity, so we are not so traumatized as those who might have been in the years of lamdaMoo.

So, my argument is that cyber rape is something that could only, if it  was actually be  so traumatizing to the offended person, be applied during the earlier stages of the internet. Now, most people tend to think that whatever trash talk that goes on on the internet is mostly due to the abuse of the abuse of the power of anonymity by the so called “Keyboard Worriors.”

I guess such reasoning may only apply to me because I view internet as a source of knowledge than a place for human interaction. However, no matter how much of a jerk that the someone on the internet may be, you should try to understand that  anonymity can naturally bring about such actions. Once you understand that you’ll agree with me that there really is nothing so grave on the network  as to be called “rape.” All there really is, as far as random insults on the internet go, are some childish trash-talk of those Keyboard Worriors who couldn’t satisfy their  needs offline.

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