New Media

One thing that I really liked in the Manovich article was how he said that because the new media revolution is based on computers, it affects every form of communication. He tried to compare this to the printing press na dphotography, but as far as I can tell, there is nothing that can compare to the development of digital media on computers because of the way it revoluttionizes so many different areas. Although, this would be interesteding to discuss. He goes onto say that digital media is a combination of computing and technological media. If this is the case, would it be fair to compare digital media to other advances, or is it its own category?

I also liked the brief discussion of binary code versus film. I may be wrong, but to me, binary code was one of the most important advances in technology. Not only is it fast, it is efficient. It has led to the current wonder of computers.

Another point which was interesting was when he was discussing the modularity of the new media. I think that relates back to the point made in one of the earlier reading that the internet cannot be conidered as one whole thing because it has many parts. But this is even stronger when referring to all of new media. Sometimes, areas overlap. I like the example later on about how Tomb Raider was made into a movie after it was a game. This brings up an entirely differen’t point to me. It’s surprising to me that there are not more movies based off of video games necause the stories on video games absorb the users so much.

As far as the “New Media </body>” artice, the most interesting part was the study of errors. The interesting part of the way that they are discussed in this article is that the human side is considered. An example is on the discussion of Error 404, the issue of blame was brought up. Often times on the internet, we forget that the internet is made up of other people and that other people created what we see. It relates back to many of our previous discussions of identity on the internet, but the internet can be quite impersonal.

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