Thinking about machines (,) thinking about us.

As the world and technology progresses, fantasies become reality and past notions looked at as absurd. Both Turing and Bush bring up the limits of technologies as well as make us question where all this is heading. Personally I’m not in fear of the possibility of human like machines capable of thought. Sure, it might further render actual people inadequate, increasing unemployment, but I think we should accept the seemingly inevitable.

The sort of people who challenged Turing thinking that machines could never match the complexities of the human mind, could probably think up programming to at least emulate those complexities.
With the amount of storage for each machine continually increasing it is likely that gigantic programs tackling with the intricacies of the human brain would be able to fit. It may take a ridiculously long time till we achieve this point in history however.

On the other hand who would even want machines capable of that. Bush already motioned towards the overabundance of information, and the difficulty of sorting through this all. We’re already having a hard time dealing with important things getting lost in the sea of knowledge, unable to float to the surface…perhaps it would be a good thing if machines didn’t reach that level. I suppose regardless of what peoples opinions are, if it happens we’ll just have to deal with it then.

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