AI and Creative Cognitive Process – yet another dispair.

Machines and science have gone way beyond from being mere tools of humanity. It has achieved a status of necessity among mankind and will continue to evolve along with philosophy, art and cultures.Therefore, I came to think, “what is the purpose of life when intelligence may as well be a mere algorithm, only extremely complicated?”

You might argue that machines and artificial intelligence cannot create something as human minds do, but what is a creational process? Isn’t it just a logic of selections and combinations from the surrounding materials? No creational process can be out of thin air. Every human creation is ┬áderived from a source that is in no way perpetual, so all creations are fleeting in their essence.

It continues to perplex me and grieve me that there might not be a spiritual essence, perpetuity of existence, or most importantly, a reason behind our existence. We might as well be beings created from the chaos by chance, however unlikely it might seem. If that were be true, our existence serves no purpose and that will certainly give credance to nihilism, and though I wish it were not true, I have yet again failed to disprove any of the above speculations, and modern science only throws out more of those grim questions rather than answers.

It truly grieves me so that no bright minds have yet explained this grim theory other than the un-proven religious view of Buddhism.

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