Pandora, like, is an online service that allows you to play music for free. As we veer further and further away from CDs and more toward MP3 players, iTunes, etc, Pandora becomes a more and more relevant way to experience music. It is so crazy to me that, by simply typing in your favorite artist/song into Pandora’s search engine, you are moments later given a playlist catering to your specific music interests. It is great that Pandora enables users to play music for free, in much the same way that Napster and limewire made it easy to download music (although it may have been illegal).    

I can still remember listening to cassette tapes on a Walkman, and later, CDs on a Discman. It was not that long ago that we were in that “era,” and yet now it seems foreign to walk around listening to a CD player – so bizarre.

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