20 healthy foods under a dollar


It is interesting how so many healthy foods can cost less than a dollar! The inspiration for this article came from the fact that consumers are attracted to prepackaged foods that end up being not only more expensive but less healthy than “real,” unprocessed foods. Anybody who complains that eating right is expensive or difficult has less of an excuse after reading this article.

But what does the fact that this article exists say about us as consumers? That we are so preoccupied with a first-world way of eating (prepackaged, prepared foods) that we’ve forgotten how to buy and prepare real food? Whole grain pasta, broccoli, butternut squash, and potatoes are all pretty tasty foods- they just take some preparation. I guess the lesson is that you gotta think carefully about your food choices. If you are not an informed buyer, or you let yourself get carried away by advertising’s currents, you might fall into the trap of buying prepackaged, unhealthy foods, and you might find yourself with less money in your wallet.

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