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privacy on the internet?

In the essays by Boyd and Langue, the online social networking craze and all that comes along with it is discussed. The concept of the existance of privacy in the use of these websites is discussed, and how truly safe any kind of information we place on the internet can stay. For example, as we discussed in class, your information is still stays on facebook, even if you choose to delete your profile.

Boyd essay

In Boyd's essay she talks a bit about the implications of accepting a "friend" online (end of page 13). She glosses over a couple points, but I think there is a lot more going on behind the scenes there that could be discussed.

Privacy in the Digital World

The most apparent common theme in the essays by Danah Boyd and Patricia Lange is the concept of public and private. What most people don't realize when they log onto the Internet is that they are entering a private space and anyone with and Internet plug-in can access their private information. It is quite easy for anyone to develop a safe comforting felling while communicating with their friends on a social networking site such as myspace or facebook.


Danah Boyd's Facebook Essay

Privacy and Social Networking

In last week's discussions about social networking sites, privacy appeared to be one of the main issues that concerned many people. While it is certainly an important issue to be concerned with, I feel that in a sense, it is not an issue but maybe something that should be changed about it. When I enter the internet, I assume that anybody in the world could access my information. Most people probably would feel that this is no big step, but this includes my email, my social network profile, and even credit card information.


After last weeks class discussion over the three essays we read i found myself at last very frustrated. This frustration stems from the annoyance at the common known fact that Americans are always over reacting- suing each other at the very least bit of disturbance. More specifically my example for this matter would be the Facebook and MySpace privacy policy. It really urges me when people complain about having no privacy when they are the ones putting their information out there on the internet. I mean dah! people are going to have your information if you give it to them! No shit!

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