iTunes Revolution

How is iTunes revolutionizing the way we consume media?

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iTunes and The Long Tail

After reading Chris Anderson's "The Long Tail", I immediately recalled an experience I had a few years ago that confirmed the existence of the "Long Tail". While on a trip in Kenya, I met a student from Britain who I quickly got in a conversation about movies with. One of his favorite movies happened to be an obscure Japanese movie I had never heard of. After returning to the United States, I searched for the title at the Blockbusters and media stores around my area.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Reading Chris Anderson's article "The Long Tail," I reflected on the song "Video Killed the Radio Star," and how the Internet is poised to someday take over much of brick and mortar. With infinite more choices and an endless capacity to expand, the Internet has become home to the unique pursuits of all individuals media needs. I found most compelling the articles discussion of the economic topics of scarcity, demand, and price in relation to media consumption and distribution.

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