If you have not played with "warp" from youtube, you should, its a very cool way to navigate through videos.

something for class


hey guys i saw this and i thought it might be interesting for class!

Youtube Warp


In the essays today Murray seemed to be interested in the possibly new ways we might navigate through digital media. I just thought this was a cool rethinking of the way we navigate web media like on youtube.

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First Blog Post


After watching the YouTube video in class, I became curious to see what the best YouTube videos were. So I went on to the site and searched the most viewed. The top viewed clip was a guy dancing to different types of music, it was filled with a plethora of comments asking why the hell this was the most viewed video on YouTube. It had 72 million views. The next most watched was the music video for "I don't like your girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. Unfortionately, I watched the entire song, as I didn't quite understand why she was so attracted to this guy. He never did anything.

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