reading response 12

reading response 12: Gaming Mechanics

Both readings related to how a video game is developed. I will mostly dig into the game time vs real time argument and slightly touch upon whether or not we create the story of a video game or there is already a plot set up for us.

convergence culture

in convergence culture, Jenkins talks about the merging of different technologies in todays world. one of the things that he brings up in the introduction are cell phones and and their evolution. in the beginning a cell phone was so huge it had to be awkwardly put into a purse or briefcase. now they are so small that they can fit into the tiny pocket of your jeans. but size is not the only thing that has changed. The new demand for the ability to communicate to people from anyplace has led to cell phones having internet use.

My presentation

I'm not doing this weeks reading response because it was m presentation week and i feel that anything that i felt needed to be covered was covered in our presentation. I simply would not have much to say. However I look forward to writing on Convergence Culture.

Connections and choices

I would argue that the story elements from games and other forms of media, such as books, film and plays, actually do share certain story telling traits, but only at the broadest level of story telling. Cyberdrama, as Janet Murray calls it, is "a collaborative improvisation, partly generated by the author's coding and partly triggered by the actions the interactor takes within the mechanical world." (Murray 5) That is, part of the cyberdrama is created by the creaters of the game itself.

Video games and our relationship to them

In this weeks reading we talked about our relationship too them.i personally feel that even though we as gamers enjoy picking our characters, there is no deep rooted relationship formed between gamer and created character.

Game Spaces

I did my class facilitation on the game theories article, but I didn't really get a chace to say everything I wanted to about my thoughts on it, so I will expand on the ideas we touched on in class here.

video game time & reality

There were many aspects of games, film and media in this article. The part that most interested me was the idea of storytelling through video games and how 'video game' time works.

"Many factors that have little or nothing to do with storytelling per se contribute to the development of great games and we need to significantly broaden our critical vocabulary for talking about games to deal more fully with those other topics."

game story rule play

The readings on Game Theories this past week dealt a lot with the role of story within games. The theories that the authors present are similar in their exploration of the relationship between rules/prestructured narratives and play/unstructured narratives.

Game vs story

In this weeks readings, the topic of a video game narrative vs a story narrative was talked about. In the "Cyberdrama" readings, an essay by Janat Murray discusses the relationships between games and stories, and questions which came first, the game or the story?

personal connections in games

This weeks class discussion engaged the topic of the level of personal connection one feels with a game. I would not consider myself a heavy gamer. I have played Halo, Super Smash Brothers, and was a Solider of Fortune nut for awhile, but I never reached a level of addiction to play any game for an extend period of time. So with that disclaimer, may I say, to me, the idea that one forms a personal connection with the identity of the character he or she plays is a little far fetched.

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