The Origin of the Work of Art

Lets Do the Revolution

Donna Haraway's "A Cyborg Manifesto Science, Technology, and the Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century" (1985) promises the destruction of gender and minority otherness through technology. Her cyborg experience of being transgresses gender, racial, and sexual, and class boundaries. Maintaining that there is "nothing about being 'female' that naturally binds women" (519), Haraway argues for a technological reinterpretation of identity.

Remediated Struggle for Essence

Bolter and Grusin's understanding of new media as caught between the immediacy/hypermediacy dichotomy brings the essence of media to a tension. Each mediated environment is immediate, fostering "in the viewer a sense of presence: the viewer should forget that she is in fact wearing a computer interface" (5). Simultaneously, hypermediacy, which "offers a heterogeneous space, in which representation is conceived of not as a window on to the world, but rather as 'windowed' itself" (17) is unavoidable.

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