Woman, Children, and Laws

Laura Miller's article "Women and Children First" really made me question many of my assumptions about gender and gender roles. After reading "A Rape in Cyberspace," I had been strongly in favor of prosecuting the "rapist" as well as protecting women on cyberspace from virtual sexual assault. Furthermore, I had assumed that I was being thoughtful and considerate in their viewpoint. I was even a bit self satisfied for arguing it.

reading response 9

After reading this piece, what stood out for me the most was the reality of the "virtual reality" that the participants of LambdaMOO had created. Let me explain. It seems like the "virtual reality" should be an escape, where the constraints and problems of the world we live in today wouldn't apply. Yet the character Legba cried real "posttraumatic tears" after she was virtually raped. Even though the woman playing the character Legba was in no way physically threatened or hurt, she was still emotionally distraught. The "virtual" experience affected her in the real world.

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