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The Amazon

Amazon.com is undoubtedly a great resource in that it makes available information on a seemingly limitless number of products close to instantaneously. A physical store could not practically match the volume of inventory that Amazon provides from sources globally.

New Proposal

The fact that people are creating these alter-ego people to be online is really no surprise considering our society today.

Our society today, asks for a certain body type as well as personality in order to "fit in." Simply by analyzing our magazines and TV shows and movies this type of person is revealed. For girls this means, skinny, fit, tan, and longish hair. For guys this means suave, dark hair, tale, tan, masculine etc.

term proposal - Reggae&YouTube

Reggae music is a phenomenon that managed to emerge out of Jamaica in the early 1930's. The content of the music expresses the daily struggle of people forced by the government to live in extreme poverty and also strongly echoes the backlashes of slavery, affecting us people in the Caribbean. It is now considered a universal language that brings people together, breaking down all cultural barriers and creating a form of brotherhood among nations.


My term project will be a study of how information and art come to be mediated, and what constitutes their mediated forms. I would like to explore mediated space specifically online and how conversations and interactions are formed. I will draw on Baudrillard, Borges, Landow, Aarseth, and hopefully some outside sources that I am looking into such as Walter Benjamin. I would like my project to integrate a critical paper with a creative form indicative of the new media aspects that I explore.

Term Project Proposal

For my project, I would like to experiment and research the evolution of advertisements online. I will do this in through two things. First will be a creative form of research which will require some help from my fellow classmates in a form of a survey. I am still trying to develop ways on orgainizing this survey online, and hopefully will figure it out soon.

Term Project

I am torn and have spent the last several days thinking about this project. I want to do something political, my first love, and technical, my second.

Term project proposal

For my term project, I would like to do something that is more creative as opposed to an analytical paper. However, I am not quite sure what that is. I definitely want to further research virtual reality websites such as second life and our society's obsession with escaping real life for role playing, as if that is somehow better. I can definitely see the immense attraction to a website like second life, and the ability to be whoever you want in an online fantasy, all the whil having the ability to socialize, which gives the game even more authenticity.

Term Project Proposal

For my term project I have decided to follow the critical option. There are several things in my life that I am passionate about. The one passion of mine that will work out nicely (I hope) for this project is film/movies. Film is why I am considering a media studies major. There are numerous internet sites I can use to supplement my argument -- from rotten tomatoes to netflix to fandango. The one I primarily will be focusing on, however, is IMDb (Internet Movie Database).

Final Project Propo

I am interested in exploring how and why people use Facebook. I have decided to focus on this topic because I find that how people represent themselves on the internet is at times inappropriate, out of character and too public in regards to what can be considered private and public. Due to the interesting portrayals that I find on Facebook, I would like to find out specifically why people utilize certain aspects of this social networking site.


so my tentaive porject proposal is to make a video( that would be posted on a website) analyzing this whole idea of "identity" online and how that relates to race and or gender.

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