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final proposal

For my term project, I would like to create a computer game along the lines of those created by Persuasive Games. Persuasive Games develops video games that are entertaining but make a point. Its clients range from Cold Stone Creamery, Inc. to CNN.com. The genres of video games they focus on include advergaming, newsgaming, edutainment, etc. I am interested in how various organizations use games as a means of communicating their message. People can learn a lot of information about a specific issue or company simply from playing a game.

My proposal

I am very interested with the concept of the online self from monday's readings. In order to further dive into the subject, I propose a critical study using one of the currently more popular chat room websites as a case study. This website, called Habbo, launched in 2000 and has recieved numerous awards in several different countries. As a possible focus, I will look into legal cases that Habbo has been involved in regarding the virtual space and how the Habbo organization deals with hackers, theft, etc.

adventure game!

For my term project, I want to do the creative project. I want to create a text-based adventure game (one of those ones where you type "go north" or "pick up the candle"). I hope to be able to have a plot and creative tasks that must be completed. One possibility for a story is that you are stuck in a haunted house and have to try to get out. I have looked into programs for creating a story like this, and I found one called Inform, but it seems pretty complex and I don't think it will let me include audio and visual elements, which I would like to be able to do.

My proposal

For my term project I would like to try my hand at web 2.0 game development. I believe that much of what we call web 2.0 has been brought about through the development of software that is easy to use but presents many possibilities. Blogging and creating YouTube videos is a product of allowing people's creativity to dominate the development process over the implementation process. In the past, game devolvement was exceeding tedious, just as creating web pages or editing video use to be (None of these things are really easy now, but much of the menial tasks have been reduced or removed).

the most boring project ever!

For my final project I'd like to explore how far the "Long Tail" goes. Does it reach an end? Or, in other words, is it possible for someone to put something online and have no-one look at it?


this is a vague idea for sure and certainly needs more discussion in order to make it more concrete, but i was thinking i wanted to analyze the website Facebook. My project would be a creative one because i would create a Facebook group and see how many days it took for that group to have 100000 members. I'm pretty sure those groups are so massively spread that i can get that amount of people very shortly. This would certainly comment on our society's youth and their way of communication these days and in all honestly, how advanced it is.

Term Project Proposal

For my term project I would like to examine how a viral video makes its way through cyberspace and to what extent viewers comment on the content of the video. The upcoming elections have been creating a great deal of hype on the Internet so I think it would be particularly interesting to create a viral video that has some kind of political commentary. After determining exactly what I would like to create a parody of I will distribute my video via a collection of the video distribution services popular on the Internet today (e.g. youtube, college humor, etc.).

Final Project Proposal

For my project, i want to compare the poetry of a machine and poetry of my own. Because a machine is given a guildline, I'm going to use the guidelines of poetry as well, meaning i would write a sonnet or a haiku. I want to use the New Media Reader's poetry that a machine wrote as one of my references as well as look online. I want to write the paper part on 'man vs. machine' and talk about the similarities and differences between the two. I know this is very broad, do you have any ideas on how to narrow it down or should i just keep it as it is?

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