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Video games & storytelling!

Here's a very funny youtube video about video games and storytelling!
GO TO IT, you won't regret it:

Some Interesting Essays

I have looked around at some bibliographies and some references to find a group of essays that could be very interesting to read.

"The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" Walter Benjamin
"The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception" Adorno
"Theory of Radio" Bertolt Brecht
"Virtual Reality: Beyond Cartesian Space" Sally Pryor an Jill Scott
"The Safe Abyss: Whats Wrong with Virtual Reality?" Steven Whittaker
"The Erotic Ontology of Cyberspace" Michael Heim

navigation in a virtual world

Interesting NYT article on 3D and second life, as well as a video of the new technology in action.

The Coming of the Holodeck

"the grid"

An intriguing article on what's next for the internet.

Suggested Readings

Two interesting articles on the future of television media and the web, dubbed web 3.0:

Do not adjust your set: TV is about to blow apart

The Revolution Will Be Televised

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