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So I suffered a fatal setback with my midterm creative project, which probably should have been avoidable. Facebook applications are not as easy to use to steal information form people as I hoped, and I cant seem to design a way to direct enough students to a site and get them to fork over information in a mock scam. So I'm falling back on my critical essay idea. And the outline is as follows:


I did my midterm project (http://wikipedia-structure.pbwiki.com/) on the structure of Wikipedia. I did not want to include this essay in my project, but I want to post it anyway for my blog post; it captures a lot of my thinking on the subject. Wikipedia was the first website named on Time Magizene's article on the Web 2.0, I think Wikipedia embodies a lot of what is new and changing about media, such popularity, accessibility, and creation by users.

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Mine isn't as fancy as the rest of yours, but I'm still proud of it. So take that!



I know we don't have to post our projects here, but I think it would be pretty cool to see everyone else's.

Anyway, here is mine:

iTunes Revolution

How is iTunes revolutionizing the way we consume media?

Visit here to find out.

midterm project: the ISAAC REPORT

Visit the ISAAC REPORT for an

analysis of the DRUDGE REPORT

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