Jason Mittell


so the lecture that i saw this weekend was the one by Jason Mittell about the modern effects of television. He opened his speech by saying that liberal arts is a designed uselessness and that really struck me as true. If you think about it, we are( or our parents) are paying thousands of dollars a year so we can take courses like the sociology of smuggling, if Buddha made movies, etc etc, classes that arent really preparing us for work after college, but opening our minds to new ideas and concepts that may or may not be useful in later life.

Media Studies as a Liberal ARt/ Storytelling


I enjoyed Jason Mittell's lecture. Some of his main points that i found interesting were, his 24 example, The West Wing Clip and the Lost game interface. He spoke of foregrounding in the title of 24. He pointed out how the use of the title giving the audience the content of the show and not the form is a new method used today. I had never thought about how more recent shows have experimented with storytelling narratives/ strategies.

Television Storytelling


I found Jason Mittel's lecture extremely interesting. He spoke a lot about interplay between episodes and how the story weaves together. The most fascinating thing about television is that every episode is a puzzle piece that puts together the whole series/season.

Television Storytelling

I attended Jason Mittell's talk on "The Case of Television Storytelling in the Digital Era" on Saturday. He spoke about how the nature of television shows is changing from a more passive medium to a more interactive one. This is what I am writing my midterm project on, so it was very interesting to me. Mittell spoke about the need for "storyworld consistency", which means that shows have to avoid contradictions and hold the storyline together. Mittell argues that this is increasingly important because viewers are becoming more and more involved with the shows they watch.

Media Studies as a Liberal Art: TV storytelling in the Digital Era

For the symposium on Saturday, I attended the lecture by Jason Mittell on Media Studies as a Liberal Art: TV storytelling in the Digital Era. I found the talk particularly interesting, especially as a potential media studies major. Mittell shared recently how he was up for tenure at Middlebury College and how during his interview the dean asked him to validate the relevance of having a professor of American Studies and Film and Media Culture at such a fine liberal arts college such as Middlebury.

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