Man and conputer

in this weeks reading , licklider talked about the future relationship between man and computers. he believed that eventually man and computer would be able to work together to make decisions and solve complex situations without depending and a pre-determined problem solving program. To me this calls into question the idea that computers could be able to think on their own. I personally don't believe that computers can think on their own, because they lack the capacity to emote, and they have to be programed in way so that the can "think"

reading response 5

Both Nelson and Licklider saw it extremely fit for the relationship of man and computer to drastically become more interdependent on each other. Nelson speaks of the EFL and machines like that described by V.Bush(memex), where the computer will have all the information that one would ever need, all at a desk, and Licklider envisioned men to by this day and age have been even more dependent on computers and not only restricted to desks and office areas.

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