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All this cyborg talk makes me think of what it would be like to actually live among cyborgs.

I'm afriad of two things.

First we must assume that the transformation of becoming this "cyborg" figure can not happen universally, and is a slow process.

Now I fear that

1. People will start to shun the non-cyborgs and vice-versa, treating cyborgs as a different "race" or "gender" completely.

2. Out of these people who resist this process, what would happen to them? Would they be treated as inferior?

World of 300


Just a little something I found... combining two worlds to come up with... well... something rather nerdy:

Why are boring things so funny?


For my term project, I've been trying to film the most uninteresting videos fathomable. I will post them to YouTube, and then see if anyone watches them. The point of this project is to test just how far the "long tail" goes. However, as I have been creating it, this project has raised some interesting questions about the relation between boredom and humor.



i think its interesting to consider what our facebook accounts will be to us in the future. someone in class mentioned that they would like to keep their facebook and then look back on it in the future. i thought about this and realized that looking back on old phos on the internet would be like looking at a scrapbook but on the internet. this seemed somewhat scary to me b/c it would be a public scrapbook online. It also just shows how much things have evolved and how technology has changed what is private and public.

The Habbo way


In doing my research, it has been really interesting in remembering how things have changed on the social networking site habbo. If I remember correctly, at the beginning of the process of making a habbo, you were required to choose a name and a sex. After choosing, sex could not be changed. Race was variable using different color selections, avoiding specified race designations. One key feature that has since been added is the randomize button for appearances. This randomization includes randomizing race AND sex.

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My feelings on Will the Real Body Please Stand Up?


Will the Real Body Please Stand Up?

My bad webpage... hope you enjoy...errrr don't..... whatever


Here's my website...
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B-B-B-Blog 5

"Facebook is not just an addiction--it's a disease"

Just wondering how one site can change people's lives dramatically. I found this while serfing for information for my midterm project. It's interesting how mere websites in itself can act as a new form of technology. Earlier, it had to be physical change, or somewhat physical. But now, the online realm can act as a catalyst for change.

Evolution of TV


I went to the talk at 2:00 on saturday and I feel that the speaker made some very interesting points about how TV episodes have changed. Whenever I thought about TV series I thought of the traditional split between what the speaker called "story arcs", series that have a continuing plotline and pretty much require dedicated viewers, versus series which have episodes that are pretty much independent of each other.

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