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To call new media "new" is something of a misnomer; the Internet as we know it (meaning primarily the world wide web) has been around for over a dozen years, and that's only one of the more recent network protocols invented for computer-based communication. This course will serve as an introduction to the study of digital media, new and otherwise, with attention to the pre-history of the Internet systems we're now familiar with, the theoretical modes of reading that such technologies have helped give birth to, and the social and political effects that these technologies have had. Some of what we'll read will seem a bit dated, as the Internet has developed quickly over the last decade-plus, but all of it remains important for a well-grounded understanding of the development both of network technologies and of scholarly thought about those technologies.

schedule updates


As I mentioned last week, I've got to attend an emergency meeting in New York this Wednesday, so we need to do a bit of shuffling in the schedule. Here's how the next few classes will go:

Monday, April 21 -- Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture, introduction through chapter 2

Monday, April 28 -- Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture, chapter 3 through conclusion

Wednesday, April 30 -- Your suggested readings

presentation signups


A reminder: presentation signups are taking place through the wiki on the Sakai site; if you have not yet signed up for a date, please do so immediately!

sample projects

A few sample projects that you might want to take a look at:

-- Last year, one student created a fan video, posted it on various video sharing sites, and wrote about the process and the connections of the project to the course's material.

-- Another student, as I said, built a really extensive navigable 3-D film-based narrative. This was a standalone file, built in Blender.

note about reading responses


Just a quick note to let you know that the reading response numbering has gotten all goofed up. Let's just say that the response due this past Monday on Bolter & Grusin was number 7, and that the response due the Monday after break, on Haraway and Stone, will be number 8. Tag accordingly!

some notes on reading responses -- please read


I'm in the process of reading and commenting upon your reading responses from last week, and wanted to give you all a few pieces of information based on my readings of them.

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