How far do we go?

It's a question I think we really need to ask in thinking about the interaction between the physical human world and the digital world, and definitely one I can't answer. How far do we go?

the controversial definition of an artist

After our class discussion on wednesday, i was thinking about the debate about how we define an "artist" and was laughing to myself because i consider myself an artist through my digital art works. Many people in class were talking about photoshop for example and if it is possible to look at it as producing art. What i realized even about myself is that i have interesting definitions of what an artist is because every time i have to tell someone what my major is (media studies with a dig base) i automatically tell them i am terrible at studio art and not that type of an artist.

Murray's Essay

Murray brought up some important points about the issues of the computer as an evolving vehicle that is provoking us as humans to increasingly be entertained and captivated by the computer's ability to have us interact with it and that the computer has evolved to be able to create a space in which we feel comfortable to interact with it.

Internet Fundraising

I have been amazed at the amount of money candidates for president, particularly the democrats, have been able to raise over the internet. Dean first started the revolution in 2004, bringing in millions instantly over the web, but Barack Obama and Hillary have upped his game and are taking substantial amounts if not most of their money from internet donors. This is a great article over at the St. Louis Dispatch on the subject. The money quote...

Variability of New Media

After reading the first chapter of Manovich's The Language of New Media, I am not fully convinced by all of Manovich's arguments. One argument I have a particularly hard time agreeing with is his argument of the variability of new media. Manovich believes new media to be "something that can exist in different, potentially infinite versions" (36). Manovich believes this variability to be made possible by the modular nature of new media. My as new media has grown to be a larger part in my life my experiences have led me to believe otherwise.



this class has made me much more internet versatile. at first i only used to check my ...and watch a couple of enter new dimensions through links and interact through

Externalizing the mind?

In this weeks readings, Manovich discusses first of all, how our (what I think DEPENDENCE on new forms of digital media came to be, as well as analyzing the ways it has changed us, by our need "to externalize and objectify the mind's operations" ( Manovich 24). I think this is an interesting point, as in a way that is all technology really has become. The evolution of technology from the beginning of time has really only been inventions humans have come up with to make things easier on us.

Manovich and Copying

We discussed this essay in class but I wanted to delve deeper into my "disagreement" with Manovich. I said in class that I disagreed with one of the points Manovich makes at the end of his paper where he talks about the myth of the digital.

Vannevar Bush's Unfounded Optimism

To me the most interesting part of Vannevar Bush's piece is the optimism about the progress of technology and society that practically seeps through the pages. He writes not just about the great need for easy access for information, but also about how it would benefit society. We would learn from our mistakes and be better people because of it. Now we have access to an almost unlimited amount of information, in a form that Bush could only have imagined, but it seems to me that human society hasn't changed.

Hate groups


When I was thinking of what to blog about this week I remembered one of the activities the drug educator at my high school partakes in when he wasn't helping addicts or lecturing at schools. In the off season he infiltrates white supremacy groups for purposes that I now can't remember. Media in many forms, not just new media, in a lot of ways makes people less accountable for the way in which they express themselves and what they believe.

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