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I still think that the definition of the difference of "new media" and "old media" is really unclear.

Digital Media is Interactive

After this last week's discussions of what new media is, I feel some what clear and unclear as to what digital media is. One thing that was debated was the concept of interactivity. The selections from The New Media Reader seemed to agree that new media could be truly interactive where as the Manovich essay argued that new media was not interactive but allows us experience the thoughts of another person. I have to disagree with Manovich in that while one may be bound by the rules of a video game or what links a person my go to, nothing dictates necessarily the order in which I do things.

Reading Response 2: What IS New Media?

From "The Language of New Media"

...the computer media revolution affects all stages of communication, including acquisition, manipulation, storage, and distribution; it also affects all types of media --- texts, still images, moving images, sound, and spatial constructions.

I think this statement can help clear up a lot of the ideas we went through during class. Especially the idea of what art is.

Lange and "Publicly Private..."


I feel as though Lange's article, "Publicly Private and Privately Public: Social Networking on Youtube," only grazed the surface of what social networking means for video sharing websites. I could see her point and the importance of discussing Youtube, and why she only focused on Youtube, but I would like to see the article that discusses other similar websites as well.

Weird by Today's Standards??

I understand that computers are advancing our society and that new technology is being created every day. But, i must say that i don't think that all these new advancements necessarily mean the end of a far more simpler way of life. I'm not talking Amish here, but i think a college student in today's world can survive just fine without texting, AIM or Facebook. (Or its equivalent) They will certainly still have friends and go out and carry on a "normal" life, perhaps a "normal" that has been forgotten by some. Just as the Romantic Period has passed, true Romantics live on.

Reading Response 1

"We've been suffering the tyranny of lowest-common-denominator fare, subjected to brain-dead summer blockbusters and manufactured pop"

Youtube Warp


In the essays today Murray seemed to be interested in the possibly new ways we might navigate through digital media. I just thought this was a cool rethinking of the way we navigate web media like on youtube.

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reading response 3

I found the class discussion to be very intriguing. My main issue was with the whole switching or moving into the stage of digital new media and the impact that it would have oh humans as a whole. I feel that today, we are much more creative and connected to our surroundings(nature..ppl...etc). With new digital media we are able to connect even further with other people around the world and everything becomes so much easier to access.

The Flaws of Social Networks

I tend to disagree with Patricia Lange's article "Publicly Private and Privately Public: Social Networking on YouTube." It is my understanding that privacy is very easy to maintain on that particular social network. It seems pretty straightforward. You decide the content of your video and what personal information you will release. It is not like Facebook or Mypace where people can upload compromising pictures of one another without the individual's knowledge or permission.

Dangers of a social life

Social networking and my generation's magnetic attraction to its use seems to be a defining characteristic that goes along with our rampant use of the internet. As Boyd points out, while not everyone uses social networking sites, the most popular being MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, everyone does have something to say about them. Additionally, both MySpace and YouTube have expanded beyond just the basic social network consisting of people with their personal profiles or videos.

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