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Here's a big idea: Pangea Day plans to use the power of film to bring the world a little closer together. We're divided by borders, race, religion, conflict... but most of all by misunderstanding and mistrust. Pangea Day seeks to overcome that -- to help people see themselves in others -- through the power of film.

Convergence Culture chapter 1

While I don't keep up necessarily with the general trends of television programs on the major networks, it seems that there is less and less reality based programming and more programs going back to scripted content. Even though Convergence Culture was published only a few years ago, it already seems dated. In the first chapter on Survivor, the end of it seems to suggest that as convergence takes a stronger hold, it will be harder for producers to control the viewer experience because of all of the outside information that is available.

convergance culture

This week's reading was based on the book "Convergence Culture" by Henry Jenkins, which discusses the fusion of old and new media in today's society. In chapter 2, entitled " Buying into American Idol : How we are being sold on reality television," Jenkins discusses the reality tv craze that has come about in the late 90s all throughout the past decade, and the incredibly popularity that has come about from the American Idol phenomenon.

Brand Placement makes shows better

While watching television and movies, I have always been interested in the increasingly prominent brand placement that goes on. With more and more television series set in "real time", there are ever growing opportunities to place brands in the shows. I find it incredibly business savvy that many shows today are nearly completely funded by the strategic partnerships they make with large brands. Although over-placing brands makes for a gaudy final product, I often seem to enjoy shows with a lot of brand placement.

Guitar Hero Robot

I thought this was really cool...

reading response 11

Muuray and the other 'game writers' discuss topics that draw stark corelations between human desires in games and in reality. What I found really interesting was the roll of story to game or game to story in video games. Which one is more reliant on the other is a very hard decision to make. In general, all video game consist of are attempts to re-construct reality, except on a computer screen.


Brian Greene, leading proponent of the unifying, all encompassing string theory, gives a detailed and comprehensive synopsis of how the universe is constructed based on energy and strings..very similar to traditional Buddhist ideologies.

readind response 12

I really enjoyed reading Convergence Culture mainly because it addressed very current and revolutionary changes in human cultures. A complete convergence of all media forms and the release of TV/ increased use of internet, really demonstrates this process in a clear and direct manner. One thing that really struck me in the introduction was on page 18 where Jenkins mentioned the dilemma in the Entertainment industry occurring between the monopolizing power of the media companies and the power of technological advancements.

additional questions from last weeks reading

How do you think current television seeks to locate, understand, and manipulate the emotional underpinnings of viewers? Draw examples from shows and episodes in particular if you can.

How are "brand communities" built? How are this community's desires molded and commoditized by the network and its sponsors?

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