Any one interested in lunar ice...even if your not this vid is still worth a watch...this guy Bill Stone is building a robot with intent to plunge through the underworld of Europa-Jupiter's moon to discover what life forms really exist in there.

reading response 10

Avital makes some very interesting points in her essay, all of which are very hard to draw into one solid point. One of these ideas which I found very intriguing was her parallel between characteristics lent to the female body such as death, life, despair and how she saw a connection between the Gulf War. This connection was mainly apparent to the conditions of the war. Maybe she considered it to be female like because it was a very unfair war..where Iraq was taken advantage of or maybe she was alluding it to the general public there who suffered: desparate children and mothers.

looking at online community data

The study be Pew research shows evidence of what I have always felt about our online communities, they enhance not replace physical relationships. However, I don't necessarily think that makes some of the other readings that suggested they we're destructive, wrong.

woman of war

Ronell's "A Disappearance in community" was extremely odd. The section that interested me the most was how Ronell said a woman's body has a strong relationship to death, despair, finitude and life. "while the woman's body produced the eternal return of the 'bloody mess of organic matter,' the cyborg soldier, located in the command and control systems, exercises on the fields of denial."

The Virtual Community

I, like many of you, probably feel that Howard Rheingold's "The Virtual Community" was a little too idealistic. But this is mostly based on how I personally use the internet. From my experiences on the internet, it seems that mostly fourteen year old boys populate the internet, but I also do not use Myspace or many of the other sites that many other demographics. The internet is not used to expand their intellect but to let them watch YouTube videos, send IMs to their buddies, and stalk people on Myspace. This again makes me think of how the internet is used. Prof.

Term Project Game


I have just finished the first version of the game I am making for my term project. The basic game play is done, but the game is missing all of the cosmetic stuff (like cool looking characters, backgrounds, sound, a story, and better level design). The point of the game is to go from one end of the level to the other end without hitting a wall or one of the objects flying at you. Its harder that it seems. Let me know what you think and any music that you might think go with the game (Also some ideas for what the character should look like). My current idea for level design is to simulate being in a chat room, but all of a sudden the letters of some of the words start attacking you.

Have fun, here is the link.

Group Hug

in my aimless wanderings of the net i found this site called grouphug. it is an online community that consists only of anonymous unedited confessions. some of the confessions look made up but a lot of them seem sincere. i wonder how much this really helps people get stuff off of their chests.

if you want to check it out here is the link

navigation in a virtual world

Interesting NYT article on 3D and second life, as well as a video of the new technology in action.

The Coming of the Holodeck


so we've talking about virtual communities and what not so in the sprit of that there is this pretty awesome video on youtube my mc lars. I Generation Glorious Isnt it!!

Political Web Video Project

So I suffered a fatal setback with my midterm creative project, which probably should have been avoidable. Facebook applications are not as easy to use to steal information form people as I hoped, and I cant seem to design a way to direct enough students to a site and get them to fork over information in a mock scam. So I'm falling back on my critical essay idea. And the outline is as follows:

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