The Goods and Bads of the Internet


The best part of the internet is the fact that all information is out in the open and accessable. The question is, is it ever too much information? It's possible to find your childhood best friend on facebook by simply searching there name. Thankfully, facebook users have to accept the request of the other's friendship. As INTENSE as this blog is getting, we will discuss more about this later..BYE!

digital media studies

Digital Media studies is intersting. The world is digital. yeah

I hate buzz words


I don't see a difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0. Dare to disagree with me.

Dance on horseback??

Check this out. You will not be disappointed. Basically i competed in this sport for 10 years and it rocks!!!
dance on horses

Happy Friday!


i wonder if this could actually happen in real life.
go here




Anyway, I'm really excited about this class. I think it will be pretty interesting and I'm glad that I'll be learning how to make and create more things online.

There is a really cool website here. I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes music.

lab, 25 January


In today's lab, I want all of you to make sure that your Pomona network accounts are activated and properly set up (for non-PO students only), to create your accounts on this website, and to create your first blog post. Some basic instructions:

1. See an ITS staff member at the front desk in order to get your network account activated; bring your college ID. For the first time you log in to your account, be sure to use a Windows machine, so that the account is properly configured with your PO web space, etc.

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