Man computer symbiosis? Really?

I want to start off by saying first of all that although computers are incredibly helpful, and have proven to be the new wave of technology, I think it is not good how dependent we are on them. Computers have proven to be helpful with more and more things, for example we don't even sign credit card reciepts at the store anymore, we sign a little computer screen that stores the signature. Same as the use of debit cards, people rarely carry cash anymore as they are so dependent on this concept of electronic money. Although these new technologies are helpful, I think if our society continues to build on and around them and we find ourselves completely dependent on them it will only lead to bad things because computers are not as dependable as pen and paper, they can fail, and if our society ever did have a mass computer fail we would loose countless amounts of information that is needed.

With that said, in relation to this weeks readings, in the essay by Nelson he talks about an ideal software that can help writers create outlines for their worka and spread and organize their ideas. "Essentially it is a file with certain storage provisions which combined, permit the file's contents to be arranged any which way, and in any number of ways at once. (Nelson 145)" I think this prediciton of a program that can "contain an inter-linking of different lists, regardless of sequence or additions...(Nelson 145)" is a close match to some of the actions that microsoft word can use, however not exactly the same. In regards to the "Man-Computer Symbiosis" essay by Licklider, his predictions of the abilities of the computer in the future seem a bit creepy to me. I do not think men should ever be so dependent on computers that it is considered symbiosis. Computers should stay how they are meant to be, as an aid for men, making things easier perhaps but never working as one. A computer doesn't and never will compare to the human brain!