Reading Response 2: What IS New Media?

From "The Language of New Media"

...the computer media revolution affects all stages of communication, including acquisition, manipulation, storage, and distribution; it also affects all types of media --- texts, still images, moving images, sound, and spatial constructions.

I think this statement can help clear up a lot of the ideas we went through during class. Especially the idea of what art is.

Currently, the idea of digital media is a mesh of different mind sets from many different people. So there is not actual set thought on the digital media, hence are ability to argue and discuss about what is and is not part of it. I think Manovich puts it nicely when he says the past revolutions only affected one or a few aspects of social networking/communications. However, this time it's on a much bigger scale. Personally I believe that digital media includes any information not somehow in physical form. For example, this blog itself is a part of digital media, as is the website. However, as we have argued during class, is digital media extremely different from the old media? I argue that this change is more of a new way of doing things rather than a makeover of society.

The computer is a tool as was the video camera or the fork. We invented this tool, yet what's interesting is that we do not know the extent of it's abilities yet. There are so many ad-ons that it seems to be limitless. Especially for distributing information, the computer is incredible, in both speed and storage space. There used to be a time where letters (on paper) was a must if you wanted to communicate with a friend, especially over long distances. With the surfacing of instant messaging services such as AIM (aol instant messaging) or MSN Messenger, it has become a joke at how easy it is to communicate over seas.

People argue that this is destroying the norm of social behaviour, but is it really? I think it's just a new way of communicating. Just like the telephone, when that first came out it widened our ability to socialize to another degree. This new computer age is just adding onto that skill to socialize. However, I have to agree that it does harm social skills in some cases. But these are extreme cases where kids get sucked into the online realm, confusing reality with digital reality (although the lines are really starting to blurr). Anyhow, I think people criticize the digital media's socializing skills in fear of it dominating over communicating in person and such. To me this seems hypocritical. I mean most of these people probably talk about this kind of stuff on the phone. The phone. Back when the phone was invented, old people must have thought the same as people now do of the computer.

Adapting to a new form of communication is hard, just like it is for a baby to learn how to talk it takes time. I definitely think that this new found technology will help widen our lifestlyes even more in the long run. Hopefully lessening the negative effects of the ease in getting information at the same time.