reading response 2

I was especially interested in Boyd's essay. Now we can use social network service very easily, without special knowledge or technique. However, now we are required more complicated social skill besides the skill face to face because almost all of us are using those as a communication tools with friends for granted.
As Boyd said in his essay, like Bob, Katharine and Sally's case, the social faux pas are very visible. So, for instance, in facebook, if I write "Happy Birthday" to my friend's wall, I have to write it on my friends' entire wall on their birthday. Of course I do not have to, but I might think that some of my friends notice that and might think that "she did not write it to me on my birthday!" Our privacy is now open to everyone. However, my question is, who should have this responsibility?
Certainly, the fact that our privacy is invaded by others is really serious. Strangers might see our profiles like full name, sex, address, mail-address or our hobbies easily, so we scream that "our privacy is invaded!" However, who wrote down their own profile or comments even if they know their personal information might be seen by many people? It is ourselves. We should have realization that internet is now open to everyone, so it is very easy to be exposed or invaded our personal information. We should contract some risk. So, I do not want to say clearly that "our privacy is invaded without our consciousness!" I think most of blame we should take it by ourselves. To avoid these risks, we need more knowledge about internet. Now we are much more familiar with computer than before, so we take internet too easy.
On the other hand, I think most of us already notice that to open our personal information, which we put it on the internet by ourselves, might be risky. However, we still keep on using these social network services. Why? Because now the internet, like social network service, is very important tool for us as a communication tool with friends. Most of us are having at least one of these services, so more and more people want to use it to share information with friends. Also, once we start to use it, it is very hard to quit it. If we quit, we can no longer get information through it and feel fear of "not knowing". More worse, we cannot quit this, but someday forget and leave it. This is the most dangerous because their information keeps being open to everyone without their own notice.
The most serious problem is the invasion without their responsibilities. As I mentioned, I think the responsibilities to the information invasion which we put by ourselves should be taken by ourselves, but how about our personal information put by others? For example, the photos taken by friends. These might be put friends' facebook without our assent and be seen by strangers. Now the internet became more and more useful and familiar to us, but we should have enough knowledge about internet moral, especially privacy. We take it too easy.