I was very surprised to know that there are 700,000 people who hate the new feeds on facebook. I've always enjoyed the new feeds because I get to see what my friends are doing. I can understand why people dislike it because it can be an invasion of privacy, but there's a feature on facebook that is being undermined. There's a small 'x' next to the box of the event and when clicked on, you can choose to 'hide the story.' When you click that, it no long appears on the news feed. It's understandable if there are things that should be hidden. When I broke up with my boyfriend, I had to change my relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single". When I did this, I immediately closed the event so it wouldn't show up on the news feed.

Myspace has a different intention. It was created for everyone 14 and older. Now, there are pre-teens and ages from 10 and up lieing about their age. In the beginning, people would put their real information on myspace, not realizing that it could be dangerous. Nowadays, most people lie about where they live. Facbook has become more popular and myspace's popularity has gone down a lot. Myspace has become more for the younger crowd than the high schoolers. It's a scary thought to know that young girls think they "don't exist" unless their on myspace. It's become more than a trend but a way of life and a way of expression.

Though both facebook and myspace are different, they're in the midst of a long standing copetition. Each are always developing new features to the point where they are starting to copy each other.

Youtube, an engine for videos, is used for many different purposes. The best part about youtube is that there are music videos, pieces of movies, TV shows, skits, and even self-uploaded videos. It was interesting when reading the article how people connect with youtube like on facebook and myspace as well. It describes how family members who are far away from each other will record videos for one another.

No one truly understands that when someone creates a facebook/myspace/xanga that they're choosing to make their information public. There are privacy settings and it's the individual's choice to put up what they want others to see. The question is whether or not we want this information stored on facebook for the creators to see…

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