Happy Friday!

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Well it seems like I'm the only one whose whatever account is working. At least its Friday and I only have spanish after this. This weekend should be interesting... but its raining so I can't go out to lenix. Too bad. On the plus side, I get my real car back instead of a POS van. Hopefully my mom doesn't crash it.
My classes are pretty good so far. Intro to IR seems really interesting and I like Clement a lot. Foreign policy will be hard again and there's a shit ton of reading. This seems pretty chill and I've heard good things. Spanish will actually be a difficult class (maybe...) this year... finally. Problem is the teacher has a Cuban accent which I'm REALLY not used to. Plus she pronounces H's. Seriously what spanish speaker pronouces H's?
different note: cloverfield looks awesome.
And that's all I can think of for now... at least that isn't incriminating or suggestive.
here's something that should brighten up your day: