B-B-B-Blog 8

All this cyborg talk makes me think of what it would be like to actually live among cyborgs.

I'm afriad of two things.

First we must assume that the transformation of becoming this "cyborg" figure can not happen universally, and is a slow process.

Now I fear that

1. People will start to shun the non-cyborgs and vice-versa, treating cyborgs as a different "race" or "gender" completely.

2. Out of these people who resist this process, what would happen to them? Would they be treated as inferior?

I guess I have a really strong resistance against this idea because it reminds me of Hitler's "superior race". Sure the cyborg is supposed to signify unity in a form no one has achieved ever. But as I said, not everyone would want to go through this process, which would create some sort of split in population. This may lead to horrific things and things that I fear as mentioned above.

In general I have a problem arguing about gender and religion. I dont see why we argue at all. To me, it's ridiculous. Especially religion. Gender shouldnt be a problem at all, but somehow it is and arguing about it doesn't change anything until we all accept each others ideas. But most radicals will refuse to hear out another person's ideas.

What IS the point of fighting over religion? or gender for that matter?