reading response 8: A Cyborg Manifesto

In this reading, Donna Haraway goes in-depth in explaining a society free of gender, gender roles, and anything related to sex. She goes into talk about a "cyborg", defining it as a "a cybernetic organsm, a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction." She continues to describe it as a "creature in a post-gender world; it has no truck with bisexuality, pre-oedipal symbiosis, unalienated labour, or other seductions to organic wholeness through a final appropriation of all the powers of the parts into a higher unity."

She firmly believes that in the future, through the improvement of technology, we as humans will develop a sense of unity through development. Not through agreement, but through physical change. She believes we are bound to change into these "cyborgs" through which will then abolish all inequalities of gender.

For one, I think this reading was really really hard to take seriously. I'm not trying to be anti-feminist in any way shape or form, but on page 528, she gives us a list of things that will change in the future society where there is a "place" for women. To me it seems as if she is firmly against the idea of man. Being male. I honestly think she hates men. And in my view, it seems as though she wants women to hold power and have men fall beneath their feet. This is absolutely ludacris. Not in a sense that I think men should hold more power, but that she is arguing that woman should be the power holders. It seems truly outrageous that she talks about a cyborg social status when she strives for woman to dominate the society in which this exists. I throws her cyborg equity idea right out of the window. She really pushes the idea of women's right way too far. I do agree that there are definitely inequalities that exist in the modern society through sexual harrassment, gender biase etc. however that does not mean that the only way of getting out of this is through dominance.

Anyhow, i really had a tough time dealing with her ideas, just as a person who believes that equity should be achieved by sharing ideas. And only through sharing of ideas will we be able to relate to one another. i do agree that this cyborg imagery can get us out of the problem we have today with gender roles, and gender, but it does not really SOLVE those problems and rather puts them away in a box. Just like a supressed memory, this problem will not go away, rather they would come back and haunt us later on as our society continues to develop.