the Internet is not yet a mature technology

I watched the South Park episode "Over-Logging (On)" recently, in which the characters find that the Internet has suddenly disappeared. Pandemonium ensues. No-one, not even the TV news anchors, remembers how to get news, and some of the characters journey to California in a Great Depression era migration spoof to try and find some Internet there.
However, if for some reason the internet really did disappear (maybe due to some flesh-and-fiber optic cable-eating bacteria?), what would happen? Could our society easily go back to normal?
I think that actually, everything would end up being fine. Currently, the Internet mostly works as a substitute for what we already had. One can buy something on the internet instead of buying it at a store. A teenager can socialize on the Internet instead of having dinner with friends. One can watch media clips on the Internet instead of watching them on TV or at a movie theater. Business can still be conducted by fax and phone. Is there anything truly unique which the internet gives us that we have come to rely on? Not yet, I believe.
In contrast, I think that if the telephone or the television were eliminated, we would have to radically readjust our lifestyle maybe even our culture. Although the internet eclipses both television and telephones in its scope, I think that we still may not be as reliant on it as we are on those other two technologies.