I think the most amazing thing that technology has come up with is the fact that we have the power to watch TV on the computer. As college students, we have very limited access to a TV. At least at Pitzer, there's only one television for all the freshman dorms to share. Clearly, things can get difficult. Thankfully, we can now download television shows on computers and solve the cat-fight for the TV screen.

The bad thing is the new trend that has been created: Stealing. There's an unlimited amount of websites that make watching television shows and movies for free use. Though we've escaped the cat-fights for the television, one thing we can never escape is commercials. The only time when I haven't experienced commercial's is when i've bought TV shows on itunes. Because recording shows (when we can fast forward commercials) and buying on itunes has somewhat suppressed commercials, the industry has decided to sneak behind our backs and put them in the television shows themselves. Even in the joy of entertainment, the industry is trying to get our attention to buy something new...again.

I don't know if it just me, but in movie makers are trying to sneak product placement into movies too. I can understand it in TV because maybe they need the money, but it seems strange to me that movies need to do that too. There has to be other factor that are influencing this trend, like all of Hollywood wants to be even richer or something like that.