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In class we discussed our opinions on commercials and what is the future for commercials. I think that this is a very important and interesting question. All in all, I feel that corporations will do anything that they can in order to make money. However, it is difficult to try to figure out how they can remain when we have inventions such as TIVO. My personal opinion of commercials is that they are too long, repetitive and just poorly done or thought out. The commercials on abc are in some ways better, they are quicker and some are kind of funny. Professor Fitzpatrick mentioned that companies are thinking about doing five second advertising, this idea seems plausible considering the present situation. When it comes to the issue of the television set itself and the internet, I think that what you mentioned was true; we approach the computer and television screen differently, therefore I don't foresee the computer becoming the resource for one to do everything on, even watch the television because the excessively large screen would not be practical for all the uses on the computer. I think that the best way around all of this is to have people pay the companies a certain fee that makes up for not commercials. Who doesn't want to watch the television? And it would almost seem like a luxury to be able to only hopefully pay a small fee for commercial free TV!

On the topic of high speed internet, the internet is expanding every day. I am sure that we will soon have ways in which to download information at super speeds. I don't think that people should have to pay a fee to version and such because they are clogging up the cables. If you look at the internet in the big picture, it has so many functions. One that is very important is it being used for activism and a space where people can write and discuss, post etc their opposing views. The bonus of the internet is the fact that you can create whatever you want and put it out to the world efficiently and for free, to take that away seems like it would defeat the purpose or one of the main uses of the internet.

I found it interesting that many people in class attacked the idea of the Holodeck. I could see where they were coming from; it is true that this invention could only be used for a certain type of game or would need to be remodeled/ improved in order to suit the practicality of other types of games. However, the point that Adrianna made was very true and related back to the article that we read about virtual reality and remediation. The purpose of virtual reality is to feel as if you are fully immersed in to this other world. In the article it was made very clear that the future of virtual reality is to make users feel as if they are truly emotionally and psychically in this other space. The Holodeck is just a step in this direction.

In response to what you said in your first paragraph, back when cable TV first came out, it was suppose to be commercial free. But we all know how that worked out. To get commercial free programming you have to pay a premium on top of the fee just for cable. But don't millions of American's have cable or satellite TV? Maybe what you say could work if the major TV networks bought a part of the cable and satellite TV industry.